Daily Record, Jan. 7, 2014

Man injures officer, lights a smoke in patrol car

A local man who assaulted a police officer and then lit a cigarette in the back of a patrol car has been arrested.

Christian Rodriguez, 21, was arrested Saturday on the 1100 block of West Nevada Street for driving drunk and while under suspension.

According to police, when an officer attempted to place Rodriguez under arrest, he fled. The officer chased him by foot and wrestled him to the ground. As the officer was handcuffing him, Rodriguez gave him a fat lip and hand injury.

Rodriguez is charged with operating while intoxicated, aggravated interference, driving under suspension and smoking in a prohibited area.

Man chokes woman in front of children

A local man who allegedly threw a woman to the ground and choked her in front of their two young sons has been arrested.

Alejandro G. Lopez, 29, was arrested Friday at his home on the 10 block of West Lincoln Street for the alleged incident.

According to police, Lopez was arguing with his son when the victim stepped in because she felt the argument was getting too severe. After she confronted him, the argument escalated to the alleged assault.

Lopez is charged with domestic assault strangulation, child endangerment without injury and obstruction of emergency communication because he prevented her from calling police. The woman was not hospitalized. The police department contacted Department of Human Services and Domestic Violence ACCESS was also notified.

Husband hits wife with knife sharpener

A local man who allegedly hit his wife in the head with a knife sharpener has been arrested.

Thaun L. Neng, 36, was arrested Sunday after police found his wife inside Casey’s General Store, 111 N. Third Ave., wearing only a shirt, pants and flip-flops.

According to police, once officers arrived to Casey’s they contacted a Burmese interpreter who told them the woman said she was assaulted during an argument with her husband.

Neng is charged with serious domestic assault. The woman did not require hospitalization.

Marshall County Courthouse


Lucian Rosea Moseley, address unknown, made an initial appearance on a driving under suspension charge, a no insurance charge, a damage to vehicle charge and a operation without registration charge. He pleaded guilty to all charges. On the driving under suspension charge the fine was $250 with an $87.50 surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $397.50. The court allowed for monthly installment payments of $50 beginning in February or in lieu of the fine and surcharge Moseley may do 46 hours of community service plus pay the court costs. The fine on the damage to vehicle was $65 with a $22.75 surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $147.75. On the operation without registration charge the fine was $50 with a $17.50 surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $127.50. On the no insurance charge the fine was $250 with an $87.50 surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $397.50.

Jose Angel Salvador-Velasquez, address unknown, made an initial appearance on a operating while intoxicated-first offense charge and a no valid driver’s license charge. The public defender’s office was appointed to handle his case. The preliminary hearing is set for 1 p.m. on Jan. 16. Bond is set at $1,000 cash or surety.