No hire made in fire chief search

The city of Marshalltown is launching a new search for a fire chief.

Randy Wetmore, city administrator, said three candidates were interviewed in December out of the 12 applications submitted.

“After those were done we have decided not to hire any of those candidates,” Wetmore said. “So we will have to do another search.”

He did not pinpoint when another effort will be made, but it could be a couple of months before a hire is made.

“I’m not exactly sure when we will begin that search,” Wetmore said. “Once we do begin a search, it can take anywhere from 30-60 days before you’re completed with that, it just depends.”

Meanwhile, Scott Johnson is the acting fire chief. Wetmore said Johnson did apply for the fire chief position and could re-apply if he chose to.

Former Marshalltown Fire Chief Steve Edwards retired Sept. 26. He had been a part of the fire department for 38 years and served the last three years as chief.