Wizard fanatics talk Potter

Wizard fans sat in a circle at the Marshalltown Public Library Thursday night to share memories, play trivia and reminisce over a magical book series.

It was 15 years ago when the first Harry Potter book appeared on shelves. In honor of the series’ anniversary, the library held a Wizard Withdrawal Support Group for teenager and adult fans.

“The series is huge, defining and cultural,” said Joa LaVille, head of youth services at the Marshalltown Public Library. “They’ll remember it when they are grandparents because there is nothing else like it.”

The event began with each fanatic introducing themselves and sharing their favorite Harry Potter memory.

Alissa Fulton, of Marshalltown, said she started to read the Harry Potter books around the time the third or fourth book was released.

“I can’t believe it has been 15 years since the first book came out,” Fulton said. “I don’t feel that old at all. I was in middle school when the first came out. I was one of those kids who grew up about the same age as Harry.”

Roxanna Bodie, of State Center, said she has Harry Potter withdrawals big time.

“I am a Harry Potter nerd, yes,” Bodie said. “When I start getting withdrawals I start to watch the movies or I start to read the books again. She invited you in to such a world, you miss that. You miss the mystic and mystery.”

After the group shared their common memories, they played trivia, then ate Harry Potter themed snacks.

On the outskirts of the circle were tables filled with Harry Potter paraphernalia, most of which were Bodie’s personal collection.

“I started with these bookends and Hagrid (doll) because I love them so much,” Bodie said. “Then my family and friends started giving me little things. I now have this little room by my computer (in her house) that surrounds me daily.”

This was the library’s first Wizard Withdrawal Support Group. In the past LaVille said for every book they have had Harry Potter themed parties.