Palin: New show won’t be overtly political

PASADENA, Calif. – Sarah Palin says she doesn’t expect her new outdoors television show on the Sportsman Channel to be political – at least not overtly so.

Given her background, though, the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate told reporters Friday that some politics may seep through. She said she’s interested in promoting freedom of speech and gun owners’ rights.

“I want to be able to showcase what it is that I think is a healthy lifestyle and that utilization and enjoyment of God’s green Earth,” she said.

Her show, “Amazing America,” premieres on the outdoors-oriented network in April, and will profile personalities who like hunting and fishing. Palin will serve as the host, introducing the featured personalities, and occasionally traveling to where they live.

The Sportsman Channel is available in nearly a third of American homes with television, and is looking for the attention a personality like Palin can provide.