Upcoming caucuses important to both parties

On Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m., both the Democrats and Republicans in Iowa will have Precinct Caucuses. The Caucus is the building block of the party. It is an opportunity for citizens who haven’t yet been involved in a party to get involved. The people who attend the Caucus help mold the tenor of the party. If a lot of right-wingers or left-wingers attend the caucuses, the party can become more extreme. If more people attend who are interested in a particular topic, that can also affect the direction the party goes. If you don’t go to the caucus to help start the party process, you will miss out on one chance to influence the direction of the conversation in this country.

Just what is a Caucus? It’s an opportunity to choose leaders at the grass roots level and an opportunity to start the process of defining a party platform by the presentation of resolutions. Precinct caucus chairmen and secretaries are elected to run the caucus (a one day job). And each precinct elects (usually two) people to represent them on the County Central Committee that meets monthly (for two years). And many delegates are elected to go to the County Convention on (another one day job).

The precinct Caucus starts the process which continues on to the County Convention in March, the District Convention in April, and the State Convention in June.

Don’t miss out on this chance to become involved and make your voice heard. Caucus on Tuesday, Jan. 21.