Daily Record, Jan. 22, 2014

Man brings drugs to jail after arrest

A local man who was arrested after allegedly trying to break into a trailer home took methamphetamine with him to jail.

Michel Andrade, 21, was arrested around midnight Monday, in the Sunset Trailer Court, 3202 S. 12th St., after a woman called about a man attempting to pull off the screen of her mobile home.

According to police, once officers arrived they found Andrade coming out from around the trailer then ordered him to the ground. They asked if he had anything on him, and he denied he did.

When he was searched again at the Marshall County Jail it was discovered Andrade had meth and a pipe used for smoking meth on him.

Andrade is charged with trespassing, criminal mischief, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of meth enhanced because of prior convictions, drug/narcotic violations and possessing contraband, a Class D felony.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

Jan. 13

Timothy and Tricia Price to Timothy Price, 810 Warren St.

William and Charlene Thiede to William and Charlene Thiede, 2781 Garwin Road

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jose Regalado, 308 W. South St.

Jan. 14

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Wells Fargo Bank, 704 E. South St.

Wells Fargo Bank to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 704 E. South St.

The Estate of Verle Hunt to Joe Hunt, 2238 Shady Oaks Road

Anthony and Stacey Dostal to Bryan Penkal, 1611 S. Fourth St.

Jan. 15

Robert and Teresa Webster to Treizy Arellano, 3402 Merritt Road

Kathryn and Wayne Rand to Wayne Rand, 2158 Main St. Road

The Estate of Chester Brown to W. Shirleen Brown, 210 N. Ninth St.

John Bailey Jr. and Audrey Bailey to JJG Properties LLC, 207 W. Church St.

Wayne Jenkins to Wayne Jenkins, Michael Jenkins and Teresa Jenkins, 106 Crestview Drive

The Estate of Jack Clark to Beverly McFarland, 5 Riverside St., and 1007 E. Anson St.


Robert and Leanna Wilson to Nathan and Kelly Karr, 303 Main St., Melbourne

Melody Meier NKA Melody Berns to Melody Berns, 601 Second Ave. NW, State Center

The Estate of Lavern Wolken to Michael and Misty Chaplin, 1797 Underwood Drive

Felix and Ruslana Friedman to Colton Paul, 3154 Marsh Ave., Haverhill

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Ante Opportunity LLC, 107 Ninth Ave. NW, State Center

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company to Kent Borota, 306 Green Mountain Road, (Green Mountain, Garwin)

Betty Deschamp to Wells Fargo Financial Iowa 3 Inc., 207 N. Second Ave.

Grant and Jami Jacobson to Kent and Delora Kosmatka Living Trust, 302 N. Eighth St.

The Treasurer of Marshall County to James Wells, Mark Wells and Starlett Wells, 106 E. Chicago St., Albion



Giles Clark, address unknown, made an initial appearance on a failure to appear on a pre-trial conference in a burglary-third degree, conspiracy to commit a felony, theft-first degree, money laundering and ongoing criminal conduct case. The pre-trial conference will be rescheduled by the district court as its docket permits. Mark Olberding will continue as counsel. Clark’s next court appearance will be at a bond forfeiture hearing at 3 p.m. on Feb. 3. Bond is set at $25,000 cash only.

A 17-year-old male juvenile made an initial appearance on a speeding 64 in a 35 mile per hour speed zone. He pleaded not guilty and a pre-trial conference is set for 9 a.m. on Feb. 18 in Magistrate Court.

Jeffery Lee Boyd, of Albion, made an initial appearance on a driving under suspension charge. He pleaded not guilty and a pre-trial conference is set for 9 a.m. on Feb. 18 in Magistrate Court.

Bradley Michael VanCleave, 1911 Summit St., made an initial appearance on a driving under suspension charge and a no insurance charge. He pleaded guilty to both charges and was fined $250 on each charge with a $87.50 surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $397.50 each. All payments are due within 30 days of today’s date.

Sarai Hernandez, address unknown, made an initial appearance through her husband on a theft-fifth degree charge. The judge rescheduled her initial appearance at 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 27 in Magistrate Court.

Todd Alan Oldenburger, 10 E. Grant St., made an initial appearance on a forgery charge. The public defender’s office was appointed to handle his case. The preliminary hearing is set for 1 p.m. on Jan. 28. Bond is set at $5,000 cash or surety.

Marshalltown Police Department


On Saturday, Craig Donald Marshall, 1713 W. Lincoln Way, reported the theft of cash in the amount of $300 while at 2409 S. Sixth St.


On Sunday, Ragan Elizabeth Victor, 306 N. Sixth St., was cited for dog at large.


On Monday, Michael Andrade, 1006 S. Seventh Ave., was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal mischief-fifth degree, trespass, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance-enhanced and possession contraband at the jail facility-meth.


On Monday, a car driven by Chance Wayne Kadner, 201 Granite St., was southbound on South Third Avenue approaching a curve in the roadway when the snow and ice covered road prevented it from following the curve and it collided with the front of a pickup driven by Holly Diane Selken, of Conrad, which was traveling north on Third Avenue. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Kadner car was estimated at $3,000 while the Selken pickup received an estimated $2,300 in damage.

On Monday, a vehicle driven by Elvira Villarreal, 710 S. 12th St. Apt. #6, was southbound in the 1600 block of South 12th Street when in an attempt to stop it began to slide, went through the intersection with East Olive Street and struck a telephone pole. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Villarreal vehicle was estimated at $2,500.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office


On Saturday, Keenan Lee Bear, of Tama, was arrested for theft-fifth degree.

On Friday, Ricardo Velez Jr., 108 N. Third Ave. Apt. B, was arrested for possession of a firearm as a felon.

On Friday, Timothy Daniel Garrett, 1710 Prairie Ave., was arrested for pre-trial violation.

On Jan. 15, Tunding Chuol Moang, Homeless, was arrested for probation violation and failure to appear-alcohol habitual offender.