Deceived by the federal government

Have you ever noticed how our federal government rarely seems to do what is best for “We the People” anymore? Our founding fathers warned us about having a national bank (Federal Reserve). At least a national bank may have been owned by America unlike the Federal Reserve. They are behind NAFTA and many other policies that have destroyed many jobs that once were in our country. They tell us just how wonderful it would be if we no longer had any borders in this country. Somehow destroying the sovereignty of America doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Google the planks of the Communist Manifesto and see how close we are. The truth is:

There is no such thing as Democrat and Republican parties anymore. It’s all one party. It’s a socialist party or worse. While we were not watching, evil slithered in and is now in control of Washington, D.C. Do the research for yourself and I think you’ll come to the similar conclusion. The Constitution of the United States of America doesn’t exist in Washington anymore. They do as they please and use the national media’s rhetoric to keep us stirred up and not looking at Washington. Treasonous crimes against our nation are going unchecked on a daily basis. The worst fears of our Founding Fathers have come true. There have always been evil, greedy people with power and money who think they have the right to control all of our lives. If you stop long enough to think about just how many liberties we have already lost, it’s terrifying.

Only 30 percent of the original colonists stood for freedom and they won. Will 30 percent of the people today stand and fight for our country? Not with guns (by all means own them). If it comes to guns, it’s already too late. The individual states still have power (not for long) to stand together against the corrupt national government and that’s what we must do. If you’re an American, let them hear your voice now! Get involved and hound your state officials that represent you. Hound the governor’s office letting them know that you’re paying attention and you don’t like where things are going. It’s your freedom that’s at stake.

We need honest, moral and God-fearing people elected at the state level with one promise: to follow the Constitution of America. Is that you?