Both parties claim successful local caucuses

Leaders of both the Republican and Democratic parties in Marshall County have reported that Tuesday’s caucuses were successful.

Tom Swartz, vice chair of the Marshall County Democrats, said attendance hit 50 people for their meeting in Marshalltown, which was expected considering icy conditions during a non-presidential election year.

“It went well,” Swartz said.

County convention delegates were selected and platform issues discussed at the Democrats’ meeting. Swartz said the county convention will be March 8 but they have not set a location yet.

As far as the issues discussed by Democrats, Swartz said immigration reform, Internet access equality and an a minimum wage increase were among the many items discussed. A minimum wage increase is a main point during the state legislative session this year for Democrats.

“There are so many working poor,” Swartz said. “We think that’s unjust.”

Pete Rogers, chair of the Marshall County Republican Central Committee, said they had far fewer people than the presidential election year of 2012 at the Marshalltown meeting, but still had a successful gathering.

“Attendance was very much contrasted to two years ago,” Rogers said. “It was still a good turnout.”

Rogers said several of the platform issues they discussed included the Affordable Care Act, the National Debt, term limits and stricter adherence to the Constitution. Delegates were also selected across the county for the Republican county convention, which is 10 a.m. March 8 at Dejardin Hall at Marshalltown Community College. Rogers expects 50 delegates to attend that meeting, where the party platform will be presented.