NY jury to hear Jasper Johns testify at art trial

NEW YORK – A prosecutor has told a New York jury that artist Jasper Johns will testify against a foundry owner charged with trying to sell a fake bronze sculpture of his iconic 1960 painting “Flag” for $11 million.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Zachary Feingold told a Manhattan jury Wednesday that Johns will say Brian Ramnarine (RAM’-nah-reen) lied by claiming the artist gave him the sculpture as a gift.

And he said Johns will testify he never knew the fake existed.

Feingold said the artist hired Ramnarine to make a wax impression of his famous painting in 1990, but the mold was never returned. Feingold says Ramnarine tried to sell the knockoff in 2010 as he struggled financially.

A defense lawyer says Ramnarine had oral agreements with artists and is not guilty.

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