Crisis in American government

If we were to go back in history to see in 1867 the German Oligarchic forced resignation of Chancellor Bismarck when the citizens were pleased with his leadership as was Emperor William II until he too was forced to change his view since the William family had married into the British Royalty. With the ouster of Chancellor Bismarck was the essential which set off what became known in the U.S. as World War I which all so continued into World War II and still has us all in war mode.

When we come to the U.S. in 1789 we find that George Washington has a British loyalist Aaron Burr as vice president and he was very instrumental in installing Andrew Jackson as president. Before Jackson we had several positive presidents. Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and JQ Adams creating our credit system and voting in the U.S. Federal Bank. Then for many presidents nothing much happened until President Lincoln was fighting the British financed south and was killed. Again not much happened until Franklin Roosevelt who served four terms. Then Truman followed Churchill and hand-in-hand dropped all that Roosevelt had gained.

Then Kennedy narrowly won election and every one was pleased with the way things were happening – until he was shot. It was as if the bottom fell out. Following that it has been nothing but crisis after crisis. Obama was elected and more crisis.

For the last 50 years we have lost our way. Our politicians send our youth to war but do nothing to improve our living conditions or improves our countries productive condition.

We have seen nothing to improve our stand with the rest of the world. We have to realize that the British Royalty are not our allies. LaRouche has been saying that for many years. We have real solutions for our country. We can get it back. First we must impeach Obama and Congress must pass Glass-Steagall before the world can be saved.