Police warn locals of lawsuit phone scam

The Marshalltown Police Department is warning residents about a phone scam involving a fake lawsuit that’s been attempted in the area.

Capt. Mike Hanken, of the Marshalltown Police Department, said a resident called officers warning them about a message from a person claiming to be an attorney letting them know they were going to be served papers for a pending lawsuit.

The resident said the message then provided a case number for the alleged lawsuit and the attorney’s 716 area code phone number to call back to prevent the pending lawsuit and serving papers.

Instead of calling the 716 number, the resident contacted the Marshall County Courthouse and verified with the Clerk of Courts Office that there were no lawsuits filed.

“If you get a call similar to this the biggest thing is to not take action,” Hanken said. “Don’t engage in conversation with the person who called, instead contact the Marshall County Clerk of Court.”

Marshall County Clerk of Court, Carol Haney, said in a media release from the Marshalltown Police Department, that she encourages anyone who receives calls similar to this to contact her at 641-754-1603 and her office will check their records for any legal actions.