Snap facts on American economy

Superman’s slogan is no longer mentioned in Superman movies.

One out of five working-age men are not working.

47 million Americans are on food stamps. Up 70 percent in 5 years.

The number of people not working is up, yet the unemployment rate goes down.

We need amnesty for the “illegally present” because we need their labor; yet, we need emergency unemployment insurance because there is not enough work.

Sen. Ron Johnson has sued the administration. He asserts that the president does not have the constitutional authority to grant Congress waivers from Obamacare costs.

Eleven attorney generals are suing the administration; they are claiming that the president cannot magically change laws.

We the people have paid $391 million on no bid contracts for building; While, IBM’s offer to Build for free was rejected.

Unlike Target, doesn’t have to notify you if your personal information is stolen.

We are going to be asked to bail out the health insurance companies.

Update: PolitiFact has now shown that the “Lie of the Century” was stated 32 times. So, please ask yourself this question. “How many times does someone have to lie to me before I begin to question everything that person says?”

“It’s not rock science.”

It’s “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”