Marshalltown may be seen in a different light

A project to replace the lights along Main Street and the Center Street viaduct with LED bulbs was proposed to city council Monday night.

Dave Daters, project facilitator, said the retrofitted lights would cost a little more than $32,000 but would save the city thousands in the long run.

“Without any rebate from Alliant there is a savings of almost $19,000 a year in the electricity and maintenance cost,” Daters said. “The good part about it is with Alliant’s rebate which could total as much as $11,500, it will cut the cost to the city of $21,000, with just a little over a year of pay back.”

Daters said there is some LED lights around town, including one that lights up the sign at Riverview Park and some along 13th Street.

“We put in the fixtures on the corner of Center and Main and you can’t tell the difference between what’s there now and what we’ve put in,” Daters said. “The lighting levels would stay the same we wouldn’t have any adjustments there.”

Joel Greer, 2nd Ward council member, asked Daters if there would be a difference in illumination from above and mentioned the lighting pollution movement around the country that tries to keep the light going down.

“We’re not changing the existing fixtures so I don’t anticipate that,” Daters said. “I think what we have right now is not letting a lot of light go up. I know the ones that Alliant have put in have directed more light downwards to eliminate that lighting pollution.”

Greer also mentioned that he thought the new lights on the corner seemed slightly brighter.

“They have a different color of light,” Dater said. “So the light you see is a whiter light and they have a broader range too.”

Council did not make a decision, but will vote on approving the proposal at it’s next meeting, Feb. 10.

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