Ways to communicate

In the Old Testament God confounded human speech. All they thought about was rebelling against God. Today, the world is still broken into dialects but some people at Perkins use their language in a different way than it was intended. If you head to Perkins, you will meet a group of people. You can see them around 8 till 9 a.m. The intention of everyone is to eat but out of that food/sharing time, there is a banter that always happens; it occurs every morning with these folks.

To the stranger who just walked in, one might wonder if they were angry with each other. But to these people, “bantering” is a social form of talk. They have known each other for years and they are content to stretch the boundaries of conversation. Bantering has a lot of mischievousness in it, designed to spice a normal, dull conversation, into a likable dialogue. An old Patriarch/sage of this group, whose name is Ron, likes to offer his super-advice for everything. Of course his wisdom is nothing you could hang your hat on. The hat would fall to the ground, just like his advice. Banterers do not come from one class of people: they come from all walks of life.

There are farmers, Perkins employees, retired Fisher people, Lennox employees, owners of the old B-alignment shop on Church street, and some special, transplanted-Pennsylvanians. Banter, that appears to put another person down, is really a language that says; “Glad you are here, but I don’t want to come right out and say that.”

Speech is only a tool used between humans-but communication does not always have to be by voice. For instance, God’s spirit speaks through the holiness of his written word as it penetrates the human heart; we hear, by the spirit, of what’s on God’s mind. Consider the fact that each of has this spirit – a gift from God. If you find yourself in conversation with those spiritual banterers, just know that it only means thanks for dropping by – have a good day. It is a long stretch to say that anything Ron says can be directly linked to the spirit but it does give us a moment to laugh at our lot in life. Just know that if something is weighing heavily on your heart, it could be the far-reaching affect of God, and not the good intentions of Ron.