Thompson announces bid for re-election

Marshalltown resident Dave Thompson has announced he’ll seek a second term on the Marshall County Board of Supervisors.

Thompson, 58, the owner of Thompson True Value store along with his wife Kathy and their son Paul, was first elected to the board in 2010. For the past year, the Republican has served as chair of the supervisors.

“I’ve enjoyed my first four years,” Thompson said. “We’ve met some really good challenges, we’ve made some tough decisions when we have had to and I want to continue that.”

Thompson said the budget will remain a challenge as revenues have decreased, yet health care costs and costs of maintaining county assets increase. Thompson has been an opponent of the Affordable Care Act and a proponent of a 10-cent gas tax in the state. He said the gas tax would provide $780,000 to help with bridges and roads in the county.

“It takes it off the backs of property taxpayers and puts it on the back of the people who are creating the wear and tear on the roads,” Thompson said.

One other Republican has announced his intention to run as supervisor – farmer Bill Patten of Clemons. Two supervisor seats are on the ballot this year as Thompson’s seat is up for election as is the seat currently held by Deane Adams, who has decided not to run again. There has yet to be an announced Democratic candidate for the election. Adams and Thompson beat out Democrats Bettie Bolar and Pat Brooks in the 2010 general election.

Democrat Denny Grabenbauer is also on the board of supervisors; his seat is up for election in 2016.

“I’ve have thoroughly enjoyed working with Denny and Deane,” Thompson said. “We’ve been an excellent team.”

The primary election is June 3 with the general election falling Nov. 4.