Christian school project pushed back

Leaders of Marshalltown Christian School originally had their sights set on a January move into their new facility.

With only dirt work done and no building in place, it’s apparent that move in date will have to wait for the site located on Seventh Avenue near First Baptist Church.

The $1.6 million project had a change in contractors and scheduling has pushed back the work.

“We’re fine with it,” said Joan Gerbo, administrator of the school. “We can only work with what we’ve got.”

The steel building has been ordered and should arrive in late February, Gerbo said. Frozen ground will then be an issue with the project.

“As soon as the weather gets warmer they’ll be ready to put the foundation in and erect the building,” Gerbo said.

Steve Blevins, an MCS parent who is on the building and fundraising committee, said they have reached $870,000 in fundraising, which is halfway to their goal.

“We are still short some funding,” Gerbo said. “There’s still some money coming in.”

Gerbo said they hope to start in their new building when school starts in the fall. The school currently operates out of rooms at New Hope Christian Church and leaders are looking forward to having a permanent home.

“It’s going to be an awesome thing for them to have their own school and it’s going to provide them room to grow,” Blevins said.