Brief bachelor time

You may not know it since I’m currently knee deep in diapers and princess stuff, but for much of my adult life I was a bachelor.

I returned to bachelor life for a day recently when the rest of the family left town to visit friends.

I was looking forward to the freedom, but as usual, it didn’t take too long for me to start missing my family.

No, I didn’t walk around the house in my underwear, but I was able to do things I wouldn’t normally be able to do with a more populated household.

Here are a few things I was able to do during my single time – which lasted 24 hours.

Glass freedom

I was able to leave a glass of iced tea on a table and actually leave the room. I know, it doesn’t seem like that big of an accomplishment. I’ve made that mistake when the little one was home and paid for it by using gobs and gobs of paper towels on the carpet.


I was able to play music in the house I liked that didn’t involve songs about frogs, princesses or the alphabet.


Disney Junior was not on the TV at all during my bachelor time. Although I found myself habitually turning it to the channel when I turned on the TV a few times.

I’m a bit off subject but speaking of remote controls. When are they actually going to make a remote where the numbers don’t wear off from the buttons? We’ve advanced so far in technology, yet we can’t tackle this matter.

It’s things like this people think about when they have too much free time.

House cleaning

Here is the drawback to being home alone – the boss of the house expected me to get housework done. I was able to get in a good deal of housework done and vacuum behind the couch – which hasn’t been done since the last Bush presidency.

Overall freedom

I was amazed how many places I was able to get to in a row, without worrying about when I got back home. I went to the Y, the library, the video store and the grocery store all without checking the clock.

I look back now at my bachelor time and I can say I enjoyed it, but I thought it was too quiet and a little boring after awhile. I’ve gotten use to noise and chaos in my life so it was nice to have them back. The best part was it seems they missed me too.

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