Daily Record, Feb. 7, 2014

Pair arrested with $9K worth of pot

Two Marshalltown men who had a pound of high-grade marijuana inside their home have been arrested.

Andrew J. Worsfold, 24, and Alexander P. Johnson, 21, were arrested Jan. 31, when their home, 3203 S. 12th St. lot 35, was searched by the Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force.

Det. Joel Phillips, of the Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force, released information the arrest information Thursday. He said the marijuana had a street value of more than $9,000.

Worsfold and Johnson are charged with possession of a controlled substance, failure to affix a drug tax stamp and prohibited acts.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office


On Jan. 29, Malcom Jaleel Hawk, 210 N. Second St., was arrested for assault use/display of weapon.

On Jan. 29, Timothy Todd Weese, of Le Grand, was arrested for probation violation.

On Jan. 29, Ivan Robles Carrillo, 209 N. Second St., was arrested for two counts of probation violation.

On Sunday, Margaret Rose Kerns, 2204 Gary Court, was arrested for driving under the influence, driving under suspension and failure to maintain control.

On Jan. 30, Roger Burk Mason, of Clemons, was arrested for unlawful possession of prescription drugs, driving while revoked, driving under suspension SR-22 requirement and no insurance.


On Jan. 26, a semi driven by Joshua Shane Turner, of Des Moines, was northbound on Highway 330 near the intersection of 242nd Street when crosswinds averaging between 40 and 50 miles per hour blew the semi into the east ditch where it came to rest on its side causing functional damage. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Turner semi was estimated at $15,000.

Marshalltown Police Department


On Monday, Alejandro Guido Lopez, 608 E. Church St., was arrested for domestic assault-strangulation, four counts of child endangerment and obstruction of emergency communications.

On Monday, Tanner Levi Luethje, 511 N. Second Ave., was arrested for carrying weapons and possession of a Schedule I controlled substance-marijuana.

On Monday, Shelby Ann Mills, of Garwin, was arrested for possession of a Schedule I controlled substance-marijuana.

On Monday, Leonardo Del-Real Sanchez, 508 Sharon Ave., was arrested for possession of a Schedule I controlled substance-marijuana.

On Monday, Ernesto Garcia, 411 N. Center St., was arrested for driving while barred, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a Schedule I controlled substance-marijuana-enhanced, altering a drug label and unlawful possession of a prescription drug-cough syrup with codeine.

On Sunday, Scott Thomas Imsland, 404 N. Center St. Apt. #3, was arrested for trespass resulting in injury, criminal mischief-fifth degree and assault causing bodily injury.


On Monday, a car driven by Miguel Diaz, 610 E. Anson St., was northbound on Seventh Avenue approaching South Street and attempting to slow for a stop when the hard packed snow on the street caused it to slide sideways while a car following driven by Trae William Petersen, 307 S. 10th St., encountered the same issue as it attempted to stop and the two cars collided. No injuries were reported. Petersen was cited for no insurance. Damage to both vehicles was estimated at $2,000 each.

On Tuesday, a car driven by Linda Rin, 2552 Smith Ave. Lot #66, was eastbound on East State Street approaching the intersection with North Third Avenue when it collided with the rear of a vehicle driven by Richard Ray Hildebrand, 413 N. 15th St., which was stopped at the light. No injuries were reported. Rin was cited for failure to secure a child and no insurance-accident. Damage to both vehicles was estimated at $750 each.


On Feb. 4, Gatwech Biet, 6 N. Eighth Ave., reported damage to a window at his residence and the theft of a Dell laptop computer, a bluetooth capable speaker, a pair of Nike shoes and a Samsung cell phone. Estimated value of loss was $695.

On Feb. 3, Tiffany Dawn Lynch, 1520 W. Main St. Apt. #6, reported the theft of a Carboy clear plastic six gallon container full of coins from her residence. Estimated value of loss was $5,000.


On Feb. 4, a 16-year-old female from Waterloo was cited for violation of the curfew ordinance.

On Feb. 4, a 17-year-old male from Waterloo was cited for violation of the curfew ordinance.

Marshall County Courthouse



David Allen Lusk, of Newhall, made an initial appearance on an identity theft charge. The public defender’s office was appointed as counsel. The preliminary hearing is set for 1 p.m. on Feb. 24. The bond will continue as posted until the conclusion of this case. The court ordered that Lusk be photographed and fingerprinted at the Marshalltown Police Department by 4 p.m. today.