Kids and car safety

Dear Readers: We all know that CARS AND CHILDREN can be a potential hazard if we don’t take care and think about safety. Here are just a few hints to help you make it safer for you and your children:

* Always buckle up every passenger in the car, every time! Kids watch what adults do, and if they see you buckle up every time, they will follow along, too.

* If your child will be riding with someone else, make sure that person has a properly installed car seat (if necessary) and uses it, if your child is still small enough to be in one. If not, your child MUST ride in the back seat and buckle up.

* Never leave a child alone in or around cars! Too many things can go wrong, even if you only step away for a minute.

* Make sure kids know that a car is not a toy. They should NOT play with window controls, seat belts or other parts of the auto.

— Heloise

P.S.: NO pretend driving, either!



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Travel hint

Dear Heloise: After losing my reading glasses while on vacation once, I now keep my old glasses to use when my wife and I travel. — J.W. in Massachusetts

Immediate relief

Dear Heloise: Anytime I get a burn from steam or from touching anything hot, I pour vinegar on it right away and wrap it with a paper towel. I keep it wet for at least five minutes. The vinegar takes away the pain. Then I put on antibiotic cream and a bandage. — Edith in Alabama

Edith, as much as I love vinegar, I don’t have any research about using it for a minor burn. Remember, vinegar is acetic acid, and you really don’t want to put anything acid on a burn. Of course, many times a little kitchen burn, like if you touch a hot pan or a baked potato is too hot to handle, is not really life-threatening. It’s more likely the coolness of the vinegar that seems to work. It’s really better to run your hand under cool water. I soak my finger or the burn spot in a bowl of ice water. — Heloise

Check the lights

Dear Heloise: Whenever I am driving, I do a self-check to make sure my headlights are working. You can see the reflection in darkened store windows, or at a stoplight I can see the reflection in some bumpers. You would still need to check the taillights. — A Reader, via email

Brown-spot remover

Dear Heloise: A quick way to remove brown spots from cauliflower is to use a potato peeler. So much easier than trying to cut them out. Just a quick swipe or two over the top and you are done. — Haddie in Mississippi