Farmers Market planning sprouts

Planning for the 2014 Farmers Market on Main is beginning to flourish and committee members want participation to grow.

“We are starting to plan the year and we are trying to recruit vendors and people that want to be involved,” said Jenny Etter, Marshalltown Central Business District director. “We hope we have a really good turnout this year.”

She said anyone who wants to be involved with the farmers market is welcome.

“If anyone who is interested in joining or wants to help with the farmers market we always have stuff to do and set up and that kind of stuff,” Etter said.

Rather than entertainment, this year, Etter said the focus of the farmers market will be on children’s activities.

“We want to focus on getting kids more involved so they get invested in the farmers market,” Etter said. “We want them to see that it’s a good thing and educate them about good food and all that stuff.”

Different activities Etter hopes to include would be involving 4-H groups and any kind of dance groups.

The first planning meeting will be at 5:30 p.m., Feb. 27, in the lower conference room of City Centre, 16 E. Main St.

The farmers market will be held at 4:30 p.m., every Thursday starting May 29, until Oct. 9, on Main Street.

For more information about the farmers market, contact Etter at 641-844-2001.