Street improvement plan could include $2M in repairs

The city engineering team proposed the 2014/2015 street improvement plan Monday night at the city council meeting.

The proposed street project includes repairing 56 areas of 35 streets.

“To accomplish those improvements the city council will have to decide how much they want to issue in bonds of which were discussed up to a maximum of $2 million,” said Randy Wetmore, city administrator.

The proposed project is broken up into three parts. One part is the micro surfacing of South Third Street and South Sixth Street in 2014.

The other proposed part of the road repair project in 2014 is mill and overlays of areas on Brentwood Road, Bryngelson Drive, Catalina Place, Debra Drive, North 16th Street, Pleasant View Road, South 13th Street, South Fourth Street, Santa Barbara Drive, Skyline Drive, Summit Street, Sunset Lane, West Church Street and Wardview Road.

The 2015 proposal is mill and overlays on the areas of Columbus Drive, Dubois Circle, East Boone Street, East Ferner Street, East Lee Street, East Union Street, North Fifth Avenue, North Sixth Avenue, Pine Street, Plaza Heights Road, Ratcliffe Drive, South First Avenue, South Second Avenue, South Third Avenue, South Fifth Avenue, South Seventh Avenue, South Ninth Avenue, West Ferner Street and West High Street.

The map of the sections of the streets will be available on the city website. Phil Grommet, public works, said the streets were chosen based on data collected through the road network the city takes part with in conjunction with the state of Iowa and the Department of Transportation.

“This particular study is based off of 2012 data that was collected,” Grommet said. “The 2012 data was revised to the current condition. We had the 2012 data updated to the 2013 status today.”

The road maps are also available for public viewing at the city clerk’s office.

On March 24 the city council is slated to begin bond hearings. After that, council will decide on how they want to issue the bonds.

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