Officer uses Taser on MHS student following assault

A school resource officer used a Taser on a Marshalltown High School student Monday after the student allegedly assaulted a staff member.

Mike Tupper, Marshalltown Police Chief, said the 15-year-old student was disrupting a classroom and refusing to cooperate with school staff. When When Kraig Lageschulte, the MHS student resource officer, attempted to take him into custody, he tried to run away. As the juvenile tried to flee, the student tried to tackle a MHS juvenile court liaison officer, Tupper said.

“He was apparently acting out in class and refusing to do whatever the school staff needed him to do and that’s why they called us,” Tupper said. “When the officer became involved the student ultimately became physically violent. The officer was attempting to make an arrest and the student resisted those efforts.”

Lageschulte told the student if he would not stop resisting he would be forced to use a Taser to control him, Tupper said, but the student continued to fight him.

“He was resistive enough that two adult males were unable to control him,” Tupper said. “That’s why the officer ultimately deployed his taser.”

As part of the Marshalltown Police Department’s policy, Tupper will review the use of a Taser, although he said its use appears to be appropriate.

The student, who was uninjured, was taken into custody to a juvenile detention facility. He is charged with disorderly conduct, interference with official acts and simple misdemeanor assault.

“It’s important to note that this student is 5 feet 9 inches, 195 pounds and is a decent sized young man,” Tupper said. “Two adult males tried to physically control him and he continued to fight.”

Tupper said the officer acted because he thought the student might injure himself or others.

The incident remains under investigation. Tupper said to his knowledge, a Taser has never been used at the high school.

Jason Staker, director of communications for Marshalltown Community School District, declined comment.