Concentration of political power is the enemy

“Economic inequality” is the political hot topic. No doubt the rich get richer and the gap between “us” and “them” gets wider and wider. Sure, lack of Christian stewardship is the real problem, but politicians prefer a government response over a moral one, so let’s look at it in those terms.

Is it any coincidence that as more political power has been drawn to Washington we have seen the gap between rich and poor widen? It is not coincidental, but intentional.

In 1913 Congress created the United States’ central bank. That cartel of private banks sets economic and monetary policy for the U.S., and wields enormous influence over worldwide finance. Our Founders refused to create a central bank because they knew it naturally would lead to concentration of political and economic power in a ruling elite. That much the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters got right.

But the Congressionally authorized banking cartel (aka Federal Reserve) would not have been able to achieve such inequality without Congressionally sanctioned investment bubbles, bank bailouts and trillions in overspending.

Only a fool believes redistribution through income taxation is the solution to inequality. The Federal income tax (also created in 1913 by the 16th Amendment) actually exacerbates the problem. Here’s how. The original Constitution expressly prohibited the Federal government from taxing individuals. That plan was brilliant. The only way the Federal government could directly tax “we the people” was to impose a tax on each State, based on seats held by each in the House of Representatives. For example, with annual Federal borrowing of $1 trillion today, Iowa’s share (5/435) would be $11 billion annually.

The Founders intended and knew that “we the people” would never let such tax-and-spend power concentrate in Washington. Of course, the central bankers understood this too, so the 16th Amendment was sold to Americans as the progressive wealth equalizer, when in fact its purpose was to destroy the original Constitutional obstacle to wealth/power inequality.

By destroying a vital check and balance, the 16th Amendment achieved concentrated political power and runaway spending in Washington, purposely benefitting ruling elite. The political class preys on our covetous nature (our desire to spend other people’s money) and the central bank preys on the vicious political class which has run up a $17 trillion national debt.

Wake up. Concentration of political power via the 16th Amendment is the root enemy.