Impeach Obama, avoid war

I have always thought that the 14 nations in the European Union have never had sovereignty. At least all government transaction was handled in Brussels. Since the international media reports deliberately distort information about Ukraine stated by politicians and officials of the EU and the USA it is hard to know the truth. Our past action toward war haven’t turned for us for the good. Why have we now taken the part that we are doing in Ukraine. We in the USA are doing things against our Constitution that I didn’t think we would do. We in the LaRouche movement see this as a coup d’etat in the Ukraine. Which could start World War III and if so we wight not survive.

We can only blame this on the British Oligarchic coming to us through our President Obama. This is all against Russia’s defense against rockets. Putin offered Ukraine $15 billion to improve economy plus a contract to supply oil but this would not be given if the Ukraine goes with the EU.

It is up to we the people to see President Obama impeached immediately if we want to stop this possibility of war.