Saturday event to focus on driver’s licenses for immigrants

For those who support, have questions or want more information about the temporary driver’s license bill for immigrants, an Action Event will be held at from 2-3:30 p.m., Saturday at the Marshalltown Public Library.

Joa LaVille, member of Immigrant Allies of Marshalltown, said the Action Event will include people who can answer questions in English or Spanish, computers available to email legislators and a petition to sign.

“If people have questions or want more information about the driver’s permit bill that is currently in committee in Senate we will give them information and ways to show support,” LaVille said. “People can stop in for five minutes if they wanted, we can answer questions.”

The bill currently in committee will allow temporary driver’s licenses to be issued to immigrants regardless of documentation. The temporary licenses would be given to any immigrant who can pass a driving test, get mandatory insurance and be able to prove their identity.

Proposals for temporary driver’s cards make clear that no one can use a driver’s card to register to vote or to actually vote, apply for public benefits, apply for a firearm owner ID card, board an airplane or enter a federal building. The driver’s card would have to be renewed every two years.

The community has shown support for the bill, including Mike Tupper, Marshalltown police chief.

“I’m very happy to live in a community where our chief of police is speaking out about safety for everybody in our community, I think that’s really cool,” LaVille said. “We just wanted to give people a chance to also show support for that. This is a public safety, common sense issue.”