Spotting buses on the road

You know that phase when a youngster is learning to talk and they say some words the right way and some words wrong?

Well, our 2-year-old son is in that phase now and the wrong words can be so comical and cute you almost don’t want him to learn the right way.

For proof, I’ll let you in on a morning routine. You see he loves cars and trains, but is especially fond of school buses.

While he is in the car in the morning he loves pointing out the buses he sees out on the roadways to his daddy.

But, he hasn’t quite got that “s” sound down at the end of the word bus.

So when he sees bus after bus all I hear from him in the backseat is “a butt! a butt! a butt!”

After a few weeks of this you would think it would get old for me, but it makes me smile every time.

Seeing these buses on the road is something he looks forward to each day, so all of those two-hour school delays this winter don’t do us any favors.

Seeing just one bus won’t do it for him during our morning commute and if we go a few blocks without seeing another one he’ll ask “Dada, another butt?”

Certain days we’ll be driving and it doesn’t work out that there are any buses on the road. Never fear, he then makes sure he gets excited by saying “a car” at each one he sees. As you can see, if it has wheels then he can find a way to get excited about it.

Now back to the buses.

I try to correct him by saying “bus” many times when he says “butt,” however in the back of my mind I secretly hope he keeps saying “butt” for a little while longer, just because it’s so cute.

I have to enjoy this phase while I can because I’m sure he’s a few weeks away from pronouncing the word the right way.

Until then, we’ll both be on the lookout for those long yellow “butts” on the roadway.

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