Marshalltown hosts first-class event

Marshalltown High School and the Marshalltown YMCA celebrated hosting the IHSAA boys state swim meet for the tenth time. Marshalltown should be proud of its reputation as a community that knows how to coordinate a first-class event. I would like to offer my thanks to the people who made this a success. Without the YMCA staff under the leadership of Carol Hibbs, Gary Ross, Shelley Lechnir and Christine Gilbertson, we could not do this. The following volunteers received many compliments from spectators and IHSAA staff alike on how well run and efficient this event was. Next year’s boys state meet will be on Feb. 14 see you there!

Dr. David Clark and Val Clark, Joe and Janelle Carter, Scott Carnahan, Tim Kuehner, Jeff Barske, Ronnie Manis, Jerry VanStaalduine, Paul and Jennifer Beals, Butch Baer, Angie Nelson, Bill Ormston, Jinx Hill, Eric Goslinga and Sea Cadets, Cindy Braack, Brett Umthun, Deb Holsapple, Laura Gould, Doreen Hasenwinkel, Terry Whaley, Ryan Dalton, Stephen Frese, Chad Weir, Larry Schrum, Bob Wenner, Barb Lageschulte, Linda Leaton, Terri Westendorf, Shauna and Kali Banks, Angie Lovell, Joe Pollpeter, Susan Pollpeter, Mike Loupee, Karen Bacon, Emily Barske, Lexi McKown, Rick and Paige Legg, Theresa Theis, Matt Broshar, Diane Broshar, Kevin and Gayle Barkema, Kent Loney, Heidi Soliday Benson, Jeff Theis, Duane Visser, John Dilger, Creighton Jenness, Ben Barker, Erica Malloy, Chad Pietig, Kendra Sorensen, Justin Sorensen, Cathy Van Staalduine, Bruce Grumstrup, Beth Grumstrup, Betty Dilger, Shawn Carlon, Shannon Espenscheid, Aiddy Phomvisay, Mike Bloom, James Carter, Carol Greta, Andy Schwandt, Amy Ose and the National Anthem Singers,Thelma Smith, Morgan Van Staalduine, Rachael Hannam, Hayley Lillibridge, Leah Barkema and Maggie Carnahan.