The obedience of a dog

Almost every day, I receive emails from friends and relatives who send videos of dogs and cats, all doing various activities. It is no secret that dogs are a breed of animal that is loving and serving – wishing only to please its owner. The cat, on the other hand, is a creature with its own agenda. You can interrupt a dog in its activity and it will become immediately obedient to the owner’s commands. Interrupting a cat in the middle of anything will probably meet with scratches or bites.

Now, some dogs can be taught to be vicious where some cats can be trained to be kind and obedient – but by nature, they are wired differently. If we look in the book of Genesis we see that when God created the world, he had a plan in mind. Humans, the supreme animal of creation, would rule all of the world while being obedient to God. God even gave us the right to reject him as creator; but there would be eternal consequences of doing that. God’s creational purpose was to have a family relationship with those who willingly chose him: he forces no one to accept him even though it would be better for us if he did.

Adam and Eve reacted to God’s offer like a cat would – doing what they wanted too: thus rejecting God’s advice. People who cannot accept spiritual guidance are like those cats. Disobedient people have a belief that living independently is superior to spiritual guidance, they spend their whole life in rebellion to what the master wants. I believe that God has a purpose for the loving actions shown by the dog. It is a daily reminder that the “blessings of obedience” will be rewarded by our God. The cat, and the human, in its infant state, is a picture of promise and joy but there are so many choices that has to be made in life. If neither one has not been taught about obedience, there is only one way it will achieve life – wrapped up in its own selfishly, created image. That is what disobedience is, a self-centered idea that cannot see beyond its own life. My prayer is that if God steps into your life, react in obedience for he has a grand message for us – God is the only one who can save us from death that awaits us all.