New LED street light proposal saves $13,000

City council members approved an LED light proposal that will save taxpayers about $13,000 from the original LED light project proposed.

At the Jan. 27 city council meeting, a $32,000 project was proposed to replace the lights along Main Street and the Center Street viaduct. Since then, a second vendor approached city staff with a comparable proposal, for about $19,500.

“There is a sizable difference in the net cost after the rebate, years for pay back, the warranty and hours the typical bulb will continue to burn,” said Randy Wetmore, city administrator.

The proposal from Crescent Electric, a local business, has a five-year warranty and roughly 14-month pay back time. The original proposed carried a three-year warranty and 28-month payback period.

The second proposal also saves labor time.

“The bulb from the first company weighs so much we have to remount the bulb so it hangs vertically instead of horizontally,” said Dave Daters, project facilitator. “The bulb from Crescent is lightweight enough that it can be mounted horizontally and we don’t have to change the mounting fixture inside the fixture itself.”

Representatives from both companies were present at the meeting Monday where council voted unanimously in favor of the Crescent Electric proposal.

Within the next couple of weeks, Daters said crews will be out replacing the bulbs. The bulbs will go from 150 watts to 35 watts. After all the lights are replaced, the city will get an Alliant Energy rebate of $10,400.