City hones in on location for police, fire project

The city is pursuing one undisclosed location for a new facility that could house Marshalltown’s police and fire operations.

Randy Wetmore, city administrator, said during city council’s closed session Monday, council members approved a $1,500 transaction to analyze a location for a facility.

Wetmore said it has not been determined whether the police and fire operations will be housed together.

“This is the first option that we’ve secured,” Wetmore said. “We’ll be doing some detailed analysis of the property just to make sure that the site would be suitable. That’s where we are right now.”

Wetmore said the city will continue to look at other options, however.

“The next step is to continue to get options on other properties that we think will be suitable that we’ve been reviewing,” Wetmore said. “Then at sometime in the future, council will make a final decision on what property or properties they may want to go forward with.”

The Public Safety Buildings Advisory Task Force is a public citizens group assisting the project. Members include Floyd Harthun, Pattie Helfer, Janelle Carter, Kevin Hitchins, Joan Moore, Mike Wilson, Denny Grabenbauer, Bethany Wirin and Leon Lamer.

“As this project goes forward they will be involved, as will the public, in opportunities to have input as we proceed,” Wetmore said.