Darn proud of Marshalltown

During the dog day of summer one may find any number of people participating in a variety of different activities around out community. From our friendly neighbors that are mowing and watering their lawns, to the sounds of people splashing and having a good time at the aquatic center. During the summer softball games can be viewed, and Oktemberfest activities are great for the whole family. Marshall County has miles of wonderful trail, and during the summer months the sounds of roaring engines can be heard from the fair grounds. A tranquil place within the heart of Iowa to live.

Lately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It feels as though, at least in my own opinion, that the press has painted a pretty negative picture of out town. Whenever I turn on the news in the morning there is another story about Marshalltown or the surrounding area painting a horrible picture of a murder, a large drug bust, an arson, or some kid getting tasered. Once again, in my opinion, it seems that we are unable to project a positive image of ourselves to the rest of the state.

So what I would like to do right now, is to just write down a few lines of positive things that I can remember about living in Marshalltown and encourage others to write and do the same. Growing up here in Marshalltown I used to love going to Franklin Field and playing football with my friends. As a young child, my parents would take me to Anson Park. While there I would run, climb, and slide down the tornado slide. I especially, haven’t forgotten the go-kart races they used to have uptown during Oktemberfest, I don’t remember ever missing them. Now that I am older, and have children of my own, we never miss the pancake breakfast.

So to sum this all up, I would really like to say is that yes Marshalltown has had some extremely bad press as of late. However, I would like to go on record by saying that I’m darn proud of our town, and would love to see more of a positive image of ourselves in the future.