School bus stop needs improvement

As a Marshalltown resident and taxpayer I choose to send my children to GMG schools, for my own personal reasons as do numerous other Marshalltown taxpayers.

We used to have a very effective and much safer bus stop in which to transport our children to school. That stop was at Weiss Garden Road but for whatever reason Marshalltown took it away from us. Now we are forced to let our children off at that curve by the Animal Rescue League on Garwin Road, on the small frontage road.

Here I have witnessed people run the stop sign, not slow down and pass the bus as it is stopped. It creates a danger to the people behind the bus who have to stop to wait on the road where it begins its curve.

On Feb. 18, as a result of poor snow removal and not enough space to do so a Marshalltown School bus did an improper turn and hit my car. Causing more than $1,000 dollars damage to my car. My children were shaken and scared.

I don’t care about my car. I care about my children and every other parent and their children. Further, the residents who live there and are inconvenienced by all of us being in there way to get to work etc.

Please Marshalltown and GMG school systems can you work together to find a better solution to this problem? This time it was only a $1,000 price to pay.

Next time, and it is only a matter of time, it could be someones life. And God help you all then.

Please lets work together for the safety of out children.