Youth, library partnership for tech help appreciated

Thank you to the “techies” and the Marshalltown Library for partnering together to provide answers to questions concerning one’s electronic devices.

The students, reference librarian Katie, and all involved were polite, respectful and knew how to laugh together too. They have provided a valuable service to many. We really appreciate the time and effort they have all put forth with this project!

It’s nice to know that there are those who recognize that not all of us were born with an iPad in one hand and a smartphone in the other!

I’m proud of the ways our high school students use their leadership skills and talents to the benefit of the community. The library and the high school are to be commended for brainstorming new ideas for ways to combine their skills, talents and resources to reach out to a wide audience. We’ll look forward to their next joint venture.

Thank you for providing for an environment that makes this possible. Keep up the good work!