ECC presents ‘Spamalot’ March 7-9

IOWA FALLS – Ellsworth Community College will bring Monty Python’s Spamalot to the stage Friday through March 7-9, in Kruse Main Hall on the main ECC campus in Iowa Falls. Show times are 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday, with tickets on sale at the door 30 minutes prior to the performances.

New ECC Director Forrest Williams of Des Moines said he chose Spamalot because he’s always loved Monty Python.

“It’s extremely funny and slightly raunchy, with lots of great music,” Williams said. “If you like Monte Python you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t like Monty Python, you should give this a shot.”

Monty Python’s Spamalot is a musical comedy that was “lovingly ripped off” from the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Like the film, it’s an irreverent parody of the Arthurian legend, but it differs from the film in many ways. The play’s wacky version of King Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail showcases Monty Python’s hilarity – from flying cows, killer rabbits and gorgeous showgirls to The Knights Who Say Ni and the upbeat “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” The play’s title comes from a line in the film which goes: “We eat ham, and jam, and Spam a lot.”

The Spamalot cast includes seven ECC students, one faculty member and the faculty member’s wife. Student performers are Amanda Yaw, of Altoona (King Arthur), Abby Brophy, of Jefferson (Lancelot), Rebecca Lonitz, of Germany (Sir Robin), Michaela Lund, of Canton, Minn. (Sir Galahad), Christophe Petit, of Ackley (Not Dead Fred), Teresa Janssen, of Steamboat Rock (Sir Bedivere), and Robert Watkins, of Decatur, Ill. (God). ECC social science faculty member Joerg Rochlitzer plays the part of The Lady of the Lake and his wife, Aubrey Rochlitzer, manager of the Metropolitan Opera House in Iowa Falls, plays Patsy.

“We provide an additional twist in this production because most of the parts are male, but most of our cast members are female so we have lots of gender reversals,” explains Williams. “It wasn’t my original intention to do that, but I think it actually adds to the hilarity. Our cast members have been incredibly good sports about it all.”

Tickets will be on sale at the Hamilton Auditorium entrance (Kruse Main Hall) 30 minutes prior to each performance; ticket prices are $5 for students with a current school ID and $10 for non-students. Parents should be aware that the production is not appropriate for children elementary age and younger.