State auditor talks Iowa’s economy

Amid concerns such as the federal government’s budget and state pension programs, Iowa’s budget overall is healthy, said State Auditor Mary Mosiman during a visit to Marshalltown Thursday.

Mosiman talked at a local leaders forum sponsored by the Iowa Association of Business & Industry at Elmwood Country Club. Mosiman cited continued revenue growth in recent years as a strength of the Iowa economy.

“Our economy has been pretty good compared to other states,” Mosiman said.

Mosiman was appointed by Gov. Terry Branstad to replace Dave Vaudt as auditor in 2013 after he left for another job. She is running for the state auditor position this year.

Mosiman said the state has made significant progress over the last several years in spending less than it takes in and she credits the Iowa Senate, House and the governor for this effort.

She also applauded Branstad’s idea of a five-year financial plan for the budget as she is a proponent of long-range fiscal planning.

“That’s really a good thing for Iowa,” Mosiman said.

Unfortunately, the federal government’s budget is not as healthy as Iowa’s. Moving forward, she said they can expect an impact in the state from federally-funded program changes.

“That can and will impact Iowa,” Mosiman said.