Daily Record, March 12, 2014

Man charged with child endangerment

A Marshalltown man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly pushed a highchair into the chest of his 3-year-old son.

Larry L. Kunc, 36, was charged at his house on the 500 block of South Sixth Street for the alleged assault that left red marks across his son’s chest.

According to police, Kunc was hanging a kite on his porch when his son began pushing a wheeled highchair against Kunc’s legs. When the toddler pushed the highchair into his knees, he violently pushed it back at the child, police said.

Kunc is charged with child endangerment with injury, a Class D felony and serious assault causing bodily injury.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

Feb. 27

Terry D. Geiken to Investment Group Inc., 310 Innes Blvd.

Feb. 28

Dennis L. Olson to Daniel H. and Jeanne M. Vellinga, 709 Arlington Drive

Susan Shapley on contract to Elvira Higuera, 608 Summit St.

Christopher M. and Anne Marie Kabes to Tory D. and Staci S. Moyer, 310 Nicholas Drive

March 3

Martin Pantoja to Ruben Garcia, 606 W. Nevada St.

David N. and Nancy L. Wilson to Kent Borota, 109 N. First Ave.

Investment Group Inc. on contract to TR Home Rentals LLC, 310 Innes Blvd.

Evan Carlson on contract to Stephen L. Schossow and Carey Ann Meling, 1110 E. Anson St.

March 4

Richard and Paige Legg on contract to Troy Good, 209 N. Ninth St.

Dawn M. Troutner FKA Dawn M. Kupka and Andrew J. Troutner to Dawn M. and Andrew J. Troutner, 1894 290th St., Melbourne

Steven L. and Jaye Stevenson to Brant E. and Celeste M. Luense, 1612 W. State St.

Jeff Bond to S & E Investments, 1112 E. Main St.

Darwin K. Pagnac and Susan B. Peterson Pagnac to Timothy J. Markham, 304 N. Center St.

Mary & Scott J. Davis and Jo & William E. Macy to Raymond C. and Beth A. Moore, 1729 Marble Road (Bangor), Union

Luis R. Delgadillo to Maria D. Guerrero De Delgadillo, 208 S. Eighth St.

The Estate of James Lyle Jr. to Calvin Lyle, 2341 315th St., and 3131 Oaks Ave., Haverhill

Marshalltown Industrial Park Inc. to Forward Ventures LLC, 1209 Industrial Blvd.

March 5

Michelle R. Thompson to Myrna A. Christoffer, 519 N. Center St.