City leaders shake, swing, dance

Hundreds of people filled the Impala Ballroom Friday night to watch the mayor, police chief and other city leaders swing and shake for a cause.

Tickets to Dancing Feet for 13th Street sold out Friday morning with nearly 600 expected to watch 12 city leaders dance while raising money for 13th Street projects.

The audience roared as the couples danced in groups to swing and cha cha songs.

The competition was based on the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars.”

Spectators then casted their $1 ballot votes to determine the top three winners. After the top three couples were voted for, they danced again and the winner was determined by the audience’s applause. The winner was not announced by press time.

Participants and spectators were impressed with the turnout and event.

“I loved it,” said Renee Matthews, a spectator. “I had a fabulous time and I’m excited with the turnout. I haven’t seen this kind of response from Marshalltown in years. I’m really happy to be here.”

Ruth Yordy came to support the Rev. Jim Miller and 13th Street.

“I think this is wonderful for the whole community to support something like 13th Street renovations,” Yordy said. “I loved watching the dancing.”

Beth Burkemper, a resident near 13th Street, said she came to support everyone dancing.

“We’re not here specifically for a team we are just here to support the community effort for the 13th Street district, which we are neighbors to,” Burkemper said. “We are just here for a good time.”

Allison Vaughn came to support Bianca Greazel and Mark Nord.

“Even if they don’t win, 13th Street wins,” Vaughn said.

Clyde Lawler, a dancer, said he had fun dancing and was impressed with the turnout.

“It was fun and I enjoyed it,” Lawler said. “It was exciting and it had a fabulous turnout. They could’ve sold more tickets but they didn’t have enough room. It’s been great, I had a good time.”

Matt Tullis, a dancer and school district administrator, said he also had fun and really liked the cause.

“This is something I never dreamt I would do,” Tullis said. “It’s an awesome turnout. It seems like the whole town is here and it’s great to see the enthusiasm. I think the people here know what their money is going towards.”

Tickets to the event were $25.

A live auction was also held in between the two dances.

Doug Gervich, co-chair of the 13th Street District committee, said all of the money raised will go towards different 13th Street projects including the public art piece, light poles, benches, picnic tables, landscaping and receptacles.

“Every penny is going to the district,” Gervich said.