'Walking with Dinosaurs' eyes return

NEW YORK – The dinosaurs are ready to roar across America again – but they’re sporting a new look.

“Walking with Dinosaurs, the Arena Spectacular” is coming back to the U.S. and Canada – its first visit to North America since its inaugural 2007 tour – and many of its lifelike puppets will be wearing downy feathers.

“We’ve decided to bring them up to date,” said the show’s self-described “resident dino geek” Philip Millar. “I’ve been going on about feathers for some years now. And now we’ve finally taken the leap and we’re applying the feathers to the dinosaurs we’re fairly confident had feathers.”

Recent discoveries by paleontologist point to the possibility that a large number of non-avian dinosaurs had feathers or something similar – paleontologists call it “dinofuzz” – as part of their body covering, blurring the distinction between dinosaurlike birds and birdlike dinosaurs.