Tax increases will hurt seniors

I compliment Patrick Walsh on his March 16 letter “Taxed to the max.” I guess Marshalltown School Superintendent Marvin Wade doesn’t buy that. When you are on the public payroll and have the power to vote for increases in you operating funds – he says its to maintain the status quo so they don’t have to dip into cash reserves. Well I say whoop-de-do!

Marvin have you considered what you are doing to retired seniors in the private sector living on retirement funds and Social Security that was set five to 15 years ago with no increases except a few cents in some years from Social Security?

Yes, I know Marvin, you and the school board can always fall back on the bleeding heart angle, it is for the kids. That angle can also apply to senior citizens on fixed incomes with no hope of additional income to help with rising cost of everything.

On March 17 I ran into State Rep. Mark Smith at Hy-Vee and he gave me a few minutes of his time. I told him about the hardship of people on fixed incomes and that high property tax was becoming hard to deal with. He said he understood and he was doing his best to help. With Marshalltown being one of the higher tax rate cities in the state, makes me wonder if anyone is trying to help.

Senior citizens on fixed incomes in the private sector have no one to speak for them. You take the politicians, the state workers, the city and county workers, the fire and police workers and the teachers all have each other’s back and support each other when its time to tax and spend. Yes these groups pay taxes too, but the Bureau of Labor and Statistics says the average public worker in the U.S. makes almost twice what the average private sector worker makes.

If you are a regular reader of the Times-Republican, you see Sen. Steve Sodders, Rep. Mark Smith and Rep. Dean Fisher in photo opp after photo opp helping everyone but Senior citizens. Property tax for seniors on a fix income is obscene. There needs to be a roll back for seniors on fixed incomes and their property taxes frozen at state level.

Seniors, our only recourse is to vote all politicians presently holding office out no matter their party until we get some relief for our property tax.