Let’s come together on religious issues

Just responding to your column by Paul A. Tambrino in the Jan. 4 edition of Faith and Religion, “Looking back over the past year, how have churches failed us?” His fifth bullet point in the article says, “Many Theologians say Christians and Muslims worship the same God, and our pulpits are silent.”

Simply, the reason why most intelligent and spiritual individuals from the pulpit do not respond to the above bullet point is because once you have read and understood the Bible and the Quran, Jews, Christians and Muslims serve the same God. I do believe that is one of the issues that prevents us from coming together on many religious issues. We are so busy looking for similarities that we are blinded to the understanding of our differences. It is clear that if we understand our differences then our similarities will have substance.

From the Ten Commandments in the Bible to the opening chapter of the Quran it states that thou shalt not have any other God before me and throughout the books of God (from the first chapter of Genesis in the Bible to the last chapter, Nas in the Quran) it also states that there is but one God, creator of the heavens and the earth.

As I always say in my talks, Shalom to my Jewish brothers and sisters, peace be upon you to my Christian brothers and sisters, and As-Salaam Alaikum to my Muslim brothers and sisters, which as you can see is wishing peace to all.