Borrowed time

One of the shows I watch is the History Channel – when they are not talking about religion, that is. It seems that Biblical truth seldom agrees with human wisdom coming from their programming. Today’s message was about asteroids; those rogue, leftover rocks that just seem to roam the universe looking for the time to strike some planet in its path. Apparently, according to these learned folks, earth has been struck before which wiped out the dinosaurs and 90 percent of all living material on the earth. Supposedly, one of these rocks will be headed for earth. If one struck California, it would wipe out everything for three hundred miles up and down the west coast – everything within that space would be instantly incinerated. After that, the world’s largest tsunami would roar across the Pacific with heights over 500 feet. Data is important and I know that every theory is just that; something untested and uncertain. Those folks living within those 300 miles might want to move inland farther or those folks in Hawaii might want to build a 500 foot barrier.

The narrator on this program said the world is living on “Borrowed time.” Now, that statement is true because each of us has only so many days/years in which to grace this earth. We have been living with all kinds of human data but most of it is hypothetical. So what are the questions we should be looking at? Here are three. How did we get on earth? 2. What is our purpose for living? 3. What are we expected to accomplish? God said to the prophet Jeremiah that he knew him before he was in his mother’s womb. This means we came to earth with a purpose. Each one of us finds it necessary to participate in the life of this world. If we have a purpose for living then where do we find direction? Every manufacturer has an instructional manual, so does God. Our purpose for living is three-fold. We are created for fellowship with God, we are created to be obedient to his will and we are created to understand and appreciate those around us -but not their sins. Instead of worrying about the future, God tells us to live for today and have faith that he is in control of our lives. Believe in God for we truly do live on “Borrowed Time.”