We should take cae of grieving Iowa families

We have an opportunity to once again show the nation our quality of life. A bill has been written to help grieving Iowa families who have lost a child. When faced with paying for a funeral, the financial burden can cripple a family and the “Sing Me to Heaven Foundation” assists with funeral expenses after such a loss. In less than three years SMTHF has assisted more than 40 families in 17 Iowa counties. The source of the funding has been through fundraisers and donors, but they need help.

Iowa Rep. Bob Kressig has proposed bipartisan legislation that would appropriate money from the state budget to provide qualifying families up to $2,000 for funeral expenses incurred.

The bill, HF 2291, needs to be scheduled for subcommittee before the legislative session closes in late April and I am asking you to consider an email (www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/house ) to your lawmakers to request that it goes to subcommittee for discussion.

Our state can afford to extend its generosity to those who have suffered such a loss. It is another feather in Iowa’s cap that says to the rest of the nation “We take care of our people.”

Learn more at: www.Sing Me to Heaven.org