Time for smarter spending at our schools

On the front page of the March 18 Times-Republican a story about a purposed school tax increase appears.

A few years ago the school district spent millions on school additions.

A sizable amount of this money was spent on remodeling the Miller principal’s office and installing surround sound. Did they buy a recliner so he could relax while listening to his favorite music? Even after these additions and renovations the SAT scores were still low. I guess the new buildings didn’t teach the children any better than the old buildings did.

Recently there has been wasteful and frivolous spending.

Demolishing the weight room built with donations from the community instead of repurposing it and expanding it to meet current needs was wasteful and could become legal issue.

Replacing TVs in classrooms with new flat screens and discarding the current TVs instead of repurposing or selling them, wasteful and frivolous.

Classrooms do not need a TV to distract students. Announcements can be made over the PA, and ignored the same way that they are over a TV. It is true property values have gone down but assessed value and tax rates have not.

The tax rate on our property went up and the assessed value stayed the same last year.

If they don’t like to raise the tax rate why do they do it every few years.

Now a review of tax history. A one cent SILO sales tax for schools, a 1 cent sales tax for property tax relief that the school system stole, a tax rate increase for additions and renovations. Now another tax increase.

The school district should hire an efficiency expert to tour the district, examine work loads, and identify unnecessary costs that can be eliminated without hurting the quality of the children’s education.

Just because something would be nice doesn’t mean it’s necessary. It is time for smarter spending not more spending.