Reasonable people must govern our country

Democrats are idea politicians not tactical problem solvers. They throw sticky legislation at the wall of government. If the ideas fail and fall to the floor, no problem, someone else will fix it later.

Their ideas only have to be popular in the eyes of the uninformed voter. Once their ballot is cast, the Pelosi concept applies, execute the new law to find what it covers.

The world needs idea people but such people never acknowledge their lack of practical abilities to solve problems. Republicans generally perceive the problem and have unique insight, using the new idea to resolve the issue. Democrats whistle in the legislative dark while Republicans seek a flash of light to define the path to a solution.

Some bravado in the dark is not a bad thing and a guiding compromise to the lighted path is how the U.S. Constitution originators conceived the Congress.

Republican ideologues perceive if the opposition is comfortable in the dark, so be it, let them wander. Democratic ideologues expound, if the lighted way is so obvious, our unique ideas should be the solution.

Workable answers just don’t happen. Reasonable people must govern our country.

A new political philosophy, reasonable people from any party!