Daily Record, April 10, 2014

Man throws hammer at police officer

A Marshalltown man is charged with two counts of assault on a peace officer after he threw a hammer at two police officers.

Benjamin L. Hibbs, 68, was arrested Monday, at 1010 Fremont Street, after he allegedly threw the tool at officers doing a warrant check on his friend, Karen Streeter, 67, of Marshalltown.

Capt. Brian Batterson of the Marshalltown Police Department, said when the police officers were dealing with Streeter, who has been wanted for about a month, for failing to comply for court order, Hibbs started banging a hammer against a truck.

As the two police were walking away they heard a metal object hit the ground behind them. The hammer did not hit the officers, but it landed close to them.

None of the officers were injured.

Woman on warrant found with meth

A Marshalltown woman faces felony drug charges after she was discovered with meth and arrested by Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies.

Marisa Easton, 45, was arrested Monday, on the 2000 block of Smith Avenue in rural Marshalltown, when her friend called law enforcement because she wouldn’t leave her house after she was asked to.

Burt Tecklenburg of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, said when deputies arrived they recognized Easton because she was wanted since March 24 on warrant for violating a pretrial release.

When they arrested her they found two grams of meth and a meth pipe on her.

Easton is charged with possession of methamphetamine enhanced, a Class D felony.

Melbourne man strangles ex-wife

A man is charged with domestic abuse assault strangulation for allegedly choking his ex-wife during an argument.

Jed Borton, 40, was arrested Sunday, on the 400 block of Fourth Street in Melbourne, after he allegedly choked his ex-wife during an argument over custody issues with their children.

Burt Tecklenburg, of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, said the victim had no serious injuries after the strangulation and did not require medical attention.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

March 31

The Life Estate of June R. Gummert to Cindy Westberg, 202 Thunderbird Drive

The Estate of Joan Fern Espe to Tyler James Rook and Teresa Marie Tague, 115 N. Maple St., Gilman

Joshua M. Lang to Maria N. Lovin, 211 N. Ninth St.

Fannie Mae AKA Federal National Mortgage Association to Deric L. Bracy, 108 Second St. SE, State Center

PHH Mortgage Corporation to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 602 N. Second Ave.

Joel Shawn Sweeney to Niedermann Choice Rentals LLC, 606 Jerome St.

Christine and Scott Buckley to Kay Louise Kingrey, 1207 S. Third St.

William L. and Jean Riemenschneider to Lauren D. Bolar, 1243 230th St., State Center

Rosalyn Milbrandt to Rosalyn Milbrandt Revocable Trust, Rosalyn Milbrandt Trustee, 1504 310th St., Rhodes

April 1

Jerry and Marian Brown on contract to Roger Brown, 107 N. First St.

The Estate of John J. McNeece to Mark McNeece, 2135 140th St., Albion

Dennis W. and Gloria V. Carkhuff to D & D Rentals Inc., 7 S. Sixth Ave.

DJ Rentals Cooperative on contract to Cipriano Guadiana, 909 W. Boone St.

Luis Del Gadillo and Melissa Hernandez on contract to Bonita Glavez, 512 S. Sixth St.

Hans and Barbara Beecken on contract to St. Marys Church, 107 1/2 S. First St.

April 2

Timothy A. and Patricia C. Carmichael to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2012 S. Fifth Ave.

Justin Van Rees to Eden Hernandez, 305 N. Seventh Ave.

Valley Bank to Jesse M. and Courtney D. Toyne, 2401 and 2403 Evergreen Circle, State Center

The Trust of Edward J. Ferrin to Ronald R. Groth Trust, Ronald R. Groth Trustee 1/2 and Lois Groth Trust, Lois Groth Trustee 1/2, 3331 160th St., Gladbrook

Julie Schubert and Dean & Molly Ferrin to Ronald R. Groth Trust, Ronald R. Groth Trustee 1/2 and Lois Groth Trust, Lois Groth Trustee 1/2, 3331 160th St., Gladbrook

Farmers Savings Bank to Philip A. Shipley, 2212 Knapp Ave.

Mary E. and Peter J. Frost to Gerald A. Young, 1110 W. Lincoln Way

The Estate of Emily Irene Weir to Cheryl Anderson, 207 Buhrow St., Laurel

Farmers Savings Bank to Robert Backoff, 310 N. 12th Ave.

Valley Bank to Thomas Watson, 2417 Evergreen Ave., State Center

April 3

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 214 Plaza Heights Road

Jill Collins to Kurt L. and Stacey L. Stover, 1126 Prairie Ave., Liscomb

Fred and Shirley Naylor Irrevocable Trust, Jennie Johnson Trustee to Lynda L. Lamport, 504 Crestview Drive, Le Grand

The Estate of Collette Andersen to Kristine A. Lampe, 911 W. Church St.