Alliant power plant gets final permit

Alliant Energy received its final permit needed for power plant construction Monday.

Kenn Vinson, of Alliant Energy, told city council members Monday night the natural gas-fired generation station received the air permit from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

“We’re very glad that that happened and they will be petitioning it to the utility board to issue the final non-conditional permit to build the plant,” Vinson said. “So it’s going ahead.”

Members of the public and city council members clapped in excitement.

“This is a great deal,” said Mayor Jim Lowrance.

Ryan Stensland, Alliant Energy spokesperson, said it’s a great day for Marshalltown and the state of Iowa.

“I think we are looking forward to starting to sink steel here later this summer,” Stensland said. “It’s a great step forward.”

Alliant Energy is currently working on a limited notice to proceed with Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), a contractor out of Texas.

“There’s still a couple of building permits that the contractor will have to get from the city when they actually begin construction,” Stensland said. “But we don’t anticipate any issues there.”

A public hearing was set Monday night for renovation of East Nevada Street. The renovation will start at 18th Street, leading up to the Alliant power plant and will be paid for by the energy company.

“We are widening that road 37-feet,” said Adam Daters, project manager of Clapsaddle-Garber Associates. “It’s in poor condition now and the new development kind of warns the construction of that road.”

Contract documents were sent to different contractors with items to bid, then contractors will submit their proposals for construction work, Daters said.

According to Daters, construction is anticipated at the beginning of June and will take about four months.

“There’s going to be temporary access easements for the properties that are on that road right now,” Daters said. “Currently there are only two properties Central Iowa Truck Wash and Top Notch Tree Removal.”

The public hearing is set for 5:30 p.m., April 28 during the city council meeting.