Hypnotist shows up drunk at GMG after prom

A hypnotist in charge of providing alcohol-free entertainment at the GMG High School after prom early Sunday showed up drunk for his performance.

Terry Woodward, 43, was arrested for public intoxication at the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA before his scheduled 3 a.m. show.

Capt. Brian Batterson, of the Marshalltown Police Department, said Y staff noticed Woodward smelled like alcohol so they called the police.

The result of this breath alcohol test was a 0.119 alcohol concentration.

“The Y employees did the right thing, they were looking out for students and staff,” Batterson said. “It’s disturbing he came to this event intoxicated when the event was hosted for kids to keep them away from trouble.”

Batterson said Woodward had no interaction with the students before being arrested.

Woodward, whose stage name is Terry Stokes Jr., was hired through Entertainment Group, a talent agency based in Des Moines.

Keith West, manager of Entertainment Group, said Woodward has worked for him for 10 years without an incident.

“He’s done hundreds of shows for me and there was never a problem,” West said. “He’s been fired. We are never going to use him again.”

West said he will refund the show cost and has offered to provide another hypnotist to the GMG after prom for free at next year’s event.

“We want to fix it for next year,” West said. “It is really bad and embarrassing.”

GMG parent Jane Appelgate gave the Times-Republican a prepared statement on behalf of the after prom committee.

“The GMG after prom committee works very hard to provide a safe and fun environment and was disappointed that due to the actions of the hypnotist the after prom experience had to end this way for the students,” Appelgate said.

West said he remains deeply affected by the situation.

“I was devastated by it,” West said. “This is not what we do. I was as shocked as everybody else.”

West said Woodward is an entertainer from Las Vegas who was living in Des Moines.