Daily Record, April 16, 2014

Man hospitalized following assault

A Laurel man is charged with a felony after he allegedly assaulted a man at a local bar and required the victim to be hospitalized.

Marvin Conner, 28, was arrested on a warrant Monday, for the alleged assault that happened April 5, at JD’s Pub, 311 S. Second Avenue.

Capt. Brian Batterson, of the Marshalltown Police Department, said Conner confronted the victim about an incident that happened earlier in the night and got upset.

He then started to punch the victim in the face repeatedly until he fell to the floor and was covered in blood. Conner kicked his face and then left, Batterson said.

The assault caused the victim multiple fractures around the face and eye, and ultimately had to undergo surgery.

After the victim identified Conner in a lineup as a suspect, a warrant was issued for Conner April 9.

Conner is charged with willful injury, a Class C felony.

Man causes disturbance, brings drugs in waiting room

A Marshalltown man was arrested on drug charges following a disturbance at the hospital on Saturday.

Jesus A. Estrada, 33, was at the Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center, 3 S. Fourth Avenue, after he wouldn’t corporate with police.

Estrada allegedly went to the emergency room to get treated for something but didn’t want to go in the room staff asked told him to go in, so he waited for a different room.

While he was waiting he was pacing across the lobby and talking to himself in a loud voice. Hospital staff asked him to sit down and he did not cooperate, so they contacted police.

After police arrived and asked him to sit down he did. Police left and then returned 10 minutes later because he was causing another disturbance.

Estrada was arrested then searched. Police found two spoons that had meth residue on them and a meth pipe inside his pockets.

He is charged with disorderly conduct, possession of methamphetamine enhanced and drug paraphernalia.

Estrada was given an enhanced charged because of prior convictions.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

April 7

Valley Bank to Nathan and Julie McGrew, 2405 Evergreen Circle, State Center

Duwayne M. and Trudy S. Sharp on contract to Ron Iole, 514 N. Center St., and 110A S. First Ave.

Duwayne M. and Trudy S. Sharp on contract to Tom Harris, 110 E. Webster St., and 301 N. First Ave.

Aldeen A. Bacon to Aldeen A. Bacon, Julie Bacon and Chris Bacon, 1713 S. Center St.

April 8

Richard R. Freland to Christina Marie Freland AKA Chris M. Freland, 306 Fifth Ave. SE, State Center, and 2883 Brown Ave., State Center

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2212 Gary Court

Christina M. Freland AKA Chris M. Freland to Richard R. Freland, 2812 and 2812B Brown Ave., State Center

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Members 1st Community Credit Union, 101 1/2 S. Sixth St.

The Sheriff of Marshall County to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 1408 Summit St.

April 9

Rebecca H. Kremer NKA Rebecca H. Carter to Kenny and Kelly Poage, 102 Third St., Melbourne


Tracy J. Swope to Tracy J. Makler, 109 NewCastle Road

USA Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Janice Hughes, 1208 Glenwood Terrace

Betty J. Seward to Robert D. and Karen M. Dougherty, 300 College Ave., Le Grand

Leland G. Wiseman to Si Pho, 1806 S. Fourth St.