Big bank bailout didn’t work

John Quincy Adams was the most significant architect as Secretary of State under President James Monroe to share our American system with the sovereign states of Central and South America. Later General MacArthur took our American system to Japan but this changed when Japan’s surrender document was at the Vatican.

However, President Truman would not recognize it. He dropped not one but two bombs. This was the beginning of our drive, pressured by Great Britain to go for empire. Both countries are bankrupt.

In 2008, we the citizens bailed out the big banks. We now know that has not worked even with the Fed passing millions of dollars each month to the banks. The only thing that will help we the citizens, is getting Glass-Steagall reintroduced. It is very important because as I have mentioned before the Cyprus Template is still very much the plan to settle the bank debt. We must impeach President Obama very soon. If you think that what I am saying is not the truth, search “bank bail-in” on your computer. It is either that or nuclear war, or both.

Lyndon LaRouche has always worked for the U.S. citizens and with his worldwide membership and his in depth knowledge he puts forward a much different take than what we get on public news about Russia and Ukraine. If you never prayed before, now is the time.