Offended by anti-immigration letter

In response to the letter, “Opening arms to immigrants has hurt Marshalltown,” I would like to say that several Marshalltown residents and I are very offended.

Timothy Patrick you openly admitted that you are racist. How you got away with that I don’t know but I would like to publish the facts. Wages and property values have gone down everywhere not just Marshalltown. Most immigrants have no high school education. They bring a totally different type of skill to the United States that actually helps our economy. Their wages are usually lower because of the type of work they do in turn makes produce and other items more affordable for us. Houses are actually built cheaper now because of the affordable labor that immigrants provide. If you go to, economist Ben Powell explains this more in detail. It is called “3 anti-Immigration Myths that seconds to debunk for an actual economist.”

I looked up the crime rate in Marshalltown at The research shows that crime rates have gone down. I also looked up recent crimes by race and immigrants were not in those numbers. As for taxes, immigrants pay billions of dollars in taxes every year that are unclaimed. Unlike citizens, immigrants pay taxes, however are not able to claim earned income like the rest of us, so that money just sits there. The government makes a lot of money on immigrants and will never actually get rid of them. They need them to continue the way that we live.

Immigrants come here to work and become free from poverty and harassment of the cartels that has taken over their country. Thousands of immigrants die every day to get to the land of the free. It sickens me to think that someone is so selfish to think of themselves when it comes to people in need. Oh poor Americans, immigrants are taking our jobs, raising our taxes, and tearing apart our economy. Really, Americans are blessed and you wouldn’t know that until you have seen the struggles that they have gone through and trust me immigrants are not the ones to blame for your problems. The ones who are bringing down the economy are the ones who continue to have children and sit at home and collect welfare checks and then turn around and have more kids so their check will get bigger.